Conflict Resolution Tips for Longtime Business Partners

Business partnerships may begin with elaborate plans and lofty expectations but then deteriorate in the face of difficulties that inevitably arise. Nurturing a relationship with longtime business partners takes foresight, diligence, tact, and patience. Here are some tips to help you and your partners thrive together in the long term.

Complement Each Other’s Talents

Presumably you get together with your business partner because you really need each other’s assistance. Remind yourself that good business partners complement their skills. The personality characteristics you find abrasive may be integral to the important talents that your partner brings to the table.

Check Backgrounds

When you’re first starting out with business partners, look into their backgrounds to be sure that there are no conflicts of interest that would compromise their dedication to the business. For instance, you should be aware of their financial situations and any family issues that may sidetrack them. It’s also imperative that you verify their standing in the business community. Additionally, difficult situations always come up sooner or later, so it’s crucial that you research how potential partners reacted to crises in past business ventures before agreeing to working with them.

Remain Committed

For business partners to continue to prosper in the long term, they must be equally committed to the company. Make your expectations clear of the time and effort you’ll each bring to the partnership, and resolve to keep meeting these high standards.

Put It in Writing

As a further measure of commitment, put whatever you agree upon in writing at the initiation of your relationship so that you have it to refer to when things get rocky. Have a good startup lawyer go through common potential difficulties with you, and put a framework in place to deal with future impediments to the congeniality of your partnership in a straightforward and professional manner.

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