Improve Your Business With Healthcare Financing

If you’re a healthcare professional such as a chiropractor, dentist, or veterinarian, you can benefit from additional financing. Uraeus Capital Funding can give you healthcare financing to provide more options for your practice.

Lease Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is not only vital for a practice, but new models come out every year. Don’t miss out on a chance to distinguish your business through the latest tools. We can even provide a loan to go with your lease. As much as 50 percent of your soft costs can be covered under our flexible payment options.

Gain Working Capital

Capital loans let you improve your business while allowing you to adapt it to diverse needs. Here are just a few of the advantages of this financing:

  • No need for upfront payments
  • No loans reported to personal credit bureaus
  • Receive up to 72 months in terms

Consolidate Debt

Avoid the hassle of paying multiple bills at separate times with mounting interest. We can consolidate your debt into a single manageable payment each month.

Acquire a Practice

If it’s the right time to expand your practice or buy out a partner, don’t let money stand in the way. Uraeus Capital Funding lets qualified professionals like you get 100 percent financing.

Contact Us Now

Call or email us right away to learn how you can receive healthcare financing. We are happy to send information your way and deliver loan papers as soon as you’re ready.