What an Unlimited Source of Financing Can Mean for Your Company

Let Uraeus Capital Funding provide the liquidity you need. By buying your accounts receivable invoices for less, we can help your business grow. Financing receivables may be the perfect option for your business if your customers pay over 30 to 90 or more days for the services or products you sell.

What Financing Receivables Provides

There is a variety of advantages with accounts receivable financing with Uraeus Capital Funding. We do not require fixed payments. There is no recourse, and a personal guarantee is not required. You can also expect cash within 24 hours. The funding you receive can be used for a wide array of business costs such as these:

  • Payroll
  • Expansion
  • Operating expenses
  • Completing large or unexpected orders
  • Early payment or bulk discount
  • Inventory

Financing receivables is available for any business. Possibilities are endless to ensure your company prospers, regardless of demands, and seizes new opportunities for success.

Who Can Qualify

Accounts receivable financing is based on your customers’ credit opposed to your own. Because of this, you can think of it as your AR department being outsourced since you’re selling an asset, not sustaining debt. If your company is in bankruptcy, just starting out, or in financial trouble, you still may qualify.

How You Can Start

No matter the stage of your business, Uraeus Capital Funding wants to give you the confidence to grow and thrive. There is no obligation when you speak to our specialists. Call today to receive a free application and help your company flourish.