Are You Making One of These Time Management Mistakes?

Time management experts point out that the greatest minds and best thinkers of the past had the same amount of time in their day as we do today.

Although it’s easy enough to say, “Yeah, well, they never had the smart phones, did they?” and rattle off all the distractions in a typical day, it actually can be encouraging to know that we too have the potential to be a winner if we make good use of our daily 24 hours.

Successful people regularly affirm that smart time management goes a long way. This doesn’t have to mean staying up all night, but it can mean good choices in how you spend your day.

How this is done varies by individual. Some people put energy into completing one task in a certain amount of time. Others hone multi-tasking abilities. The goal is to successfully focus on the task or tasks at hand, and avoid distractions.

On the way to reaching good strategies of sensible time management, however, there are plenty of ways things can go wrong.

Getting nothing done in a day

Experts suggest that even if you are working on a multi-part/multi-day project that you find at least one aspect to complete in one day, or even switch to a smaller project. This can provide a feeling of satisfaction rather than feeling overwhelmed and unproductive.

Doing nothing

If you reach a dead end or at least a “can’t proceed further until ____” moment in a project, go ahead and switch to another project. This way, when you get the help you need or decision you’re seeking on the first one, you’ll be further along rather than stopping all work while you sought further input.

Not planning

Complex projects may require outlines of how to get fromĀ  start to end, especially ones that require multiple drafts, multiple proofs or multiple authors. Although you do have to start somewhere, simply diving in “anywhere” can lead to wasted time.

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